Farmdog Surf Surfboard Zephyr

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The Farmdog Surf Zephyr has a wider outline slightly back from center with rounded forgiving rails, flat deck and a wide fang tail that is a blend between a squash and diamond providing multiple pivot points.
The rocker is very even and neutral increasing the versatility in a wide range of conditions, instant speed is generated through the single to double concave, as a thruster in beach break conditions the Zephyr has a lively feeling that feels smooth when on rail and transitions off the top with little effort due to a subtle hip in front of the forward fins.
The quad setup is perfect for point breaks and down the line waves and feels solid and smooth during rail to rail transitions.
The Zephyr is an all-rounder that can be ridden 2 to 4 inches shorter than the rider, and around 1 inch wider than your normal short board without sacrificing any carve or drive.