Kiss My Face Organics Kids Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 Lotion

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Advanced Mineral Sunscreen
Kids will be kids! They’ll throw a fit if they have to sit. Protect their busy bodies from harmful UV sun rays with our Organics™ Mineral Sunscreen Lotion! Made with 87% NSF certified organic ingredients. When used properly, mineral sunscreens will leave a whitish tint.

Advanced Mineral Protection – SPF 30
Our Organics™ Kids Mineral Sunscreen provides Broad Spectrum UV Protection Plus it is Water Resistant (80 minutes), Fragrance Free, and non-nano minerals.

Made with Nourishing Superfruits
Superfruits like pomegranate and goji berries help add an extra layer of protection.

We Kiss With Purpose: Nature creates the best ingredients. We strive to give you effective products with a healthy respect for our fragile planet.

How to Apply
Before applying, knead product in the tube for best results. Apply liberally 15 minutes before sun exposure. When mineral sunscreen is applied properly, skin will be coated in a whitish tint.

Testing our sunscreens
Please be assured that Kiss My Face uses well established testing methods and we have the documentation to demonstrate our sunscreen claims. We follow FDA required testing protocol for all sunscreen products with clinical testing at an independent lab. Our testing is stringent, thorough and meets all FDA requirements So, you can be confident that this, and all of our sunscreen products, give your baby and you the level of protection reflected on the product.